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Unicorn princess by MissFreakyLuce
Unicorn princess
My activity on DA sucks, I know, I know.
Anyways, I came here to post one of my newest drawings and tell you some news, at first I want to say THANK YOU once again, welcome my new watchers, thank you for favoriting my artworks and thank you for your lovely comments, it's really amazing and I can't believe how many people like something I create.
It's an awesome feeling and words can't describe how thankful I am.
Also, I'm still working on comics with some of my friends and it looks good so I can't wait to show you more, but it should be really cool :)
I hope you're having a good time and that you like this drawing :)
Draw this again meme by MissFreakyLuce
Draw this again meme
Hey hey! I know I promised you to be more active on holidays so I'm trying to. c: I hope you're enjoying your holidays just like I do, I'm spending a lot of time with my friends, getting extra sleep and everything is just fine. c:

Anyways, have some redraw of one of my first drawings there - Rose Weasley, I'm telling you, there's nothing worse than looking at my old art, it makes my eyes bleed. :D But I'm glad for this meme that I wanted to try for so long to see some improvement and I have to say that I'm satisfied, I hope I'll get even better soon ^_^ I hope you'll like it.

btw. I have some news for you, me and my friend just came with awesome idea about making a comics. It looks like it could work, not like my other comics that I never started or never finished. There will be a lot of people working on it and if we will finish it this summer, I could upload some pages there, or sell it on the internet, I can't tell you more about the story line, but it should be something awesome.


MissFreakyLuce's Profile Picture
Lucy Rudolph
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
Czech Republic
Hello everybody,
I am Lucy, but you can call me Luce and I'm also known as Reindeer Rudolph! I'm 17 years old, kind of weird and asocial, tea-drinking (fan)girl, wayward daughter, killjoy and bro who has more caffeine in her veins than the blood. I'm obsessed by bands, especially with MCR, FOB, BMTH and P!ATD. I live in a very small town in Czech republic, which is creepy sometimes, I like creepy things.
I draw since my childhood and I still love it, I've got my dreams. I really enjoy drawing couples, creating my own characters and drawing fanarts, which you can see in my gallery.
I don't know what else I should say about me, there's nothing interesting. ._.
So goodbye!

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Some of my role models on DA
:iconribkadory: :iconcrystalcurtis: :iconviria13: :iconstarsandpolkadots: :icontbdoll: :iconnadzescapade: :iconhootsweets: :iconlieutenantdeath:

My darlings
:iconsofiko-chan: :iconjesselcouth: :iconkate94: :iconieroshock: :iconparanoiapeace: :iconelrive: :iconthe8thevilex: :iconforsakenzombie: :iconmurderous-coffeebean: :iconbulletproof-smile: :iconlousiejones:

Hello my lovely freaks!
How are you? I hope you're alright, having a great time and being happy because you're awesome and you totally deserve this <3
I know I am a lot of unactive recently (mostly because of my art blok, no inspiration, no time because of school, having more important but boring stuff to do...), but I just wanted to write another journal entry to see what's new.

The first thing I have to do before I get to the main topic of this journal is writing my thank you. I know I keep telling this, but I can't describe how much happy I am just thanks to you. I reached 400+ watchers a few days ago and that's just... crazy, unbelievable. When did that happen!? You know, when I joined deviantART I never thought I could even reach 100 watchers, so this all is making me really surprised, but also so much happy. So so much happy. It may be stupid that I'm glad for such a little thing when you click that "watch" button, but thanks to all of you I feel like everything I do has some reason and that I can make it and that I can reach even higher. You're giving me hope and power, so just thanks to you I'm still there and trying to actually do something.

You are the most amazing people in the whole world and if there's something what's causing you troubles, remember that there will be always someone who will love you for who you are and that there's someone who's happy thanks to you in those hard times, just like me, your freaky internet friend. :huggle:

So, yeah, thank you for everything

And now we're getting to the main topic. I didn't do questions and answers time for a long time, I activated my yesterday, so I thought it could be fine, if you'd ask me or left me some message in my inbox. c: send me something random, something important for you, funny, sad, I really don't mind.

Ask me anything there:

Thank you for reading this journal and have a great week, stay awesome!♥
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Get Scared - Sarcasm
  • Reading: Hunger Games
  • Watching: Supernatural
  • Drinking: Tea

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Fluffasaur-Panda Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Brb-gtgmilkacow Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014  Student General Artist
your. art. is. so. good. ps i approve your taste in music ^_^
MissFreakyLuce Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I want you to thank you for all the comments here, because I'm too lazy to thank you in each one of them, but I'm seriously happy for each one of them! You just made my day. You're so kind ^.^
It means so much to me, when someone says that my art is good, it's making me wanna continue and improve in what I'm doing, so thank you for your support, I really appreciate it and I hope that I won't disappoint you with my art ^_^
Once again: thank you for everything!
tikomiitti Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014
OMFG!!You are so good:) You draw very well.And you sound so nice person :) It was so nice if we get to know eatch other :)
Hmmm.this is couple things of me
-I'm Tiina :D
-From Finland
-i like the same bands what you like
-and i have a hamster :3
-I love tea and coffee!!
-I look at a lot of different series but best is Awkward ^^
-I'm really REALLY shy with new people
-And I'm weird and sometimes anti-social
-ou AND i have so bad English..
So if you iterested,write back :)
MissFreakyLuce Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Aw, thank you so much. Your lovely comment made me really happy right now ^.^ You seem so nice too! :hugs:
Don't be shy, when it comes to me, I'm very shy, weird and anti-social too, so let's be shy together >w< We've got a lot in common, I don't see any reason why I shouldn't be friend with you! Thank you so much once again, you're awesome!
Welcome to the family.:huggle:
IWantMyOwnVampire Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Supernatural and MCR, my two favorite fandoms. I FREAKING LOVE YOUR DRAWINGS :heart:
MissFreakyLuce Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Ahhhh, thank you so so much, it means so much to me >w<
I'm glad you like it!
xXPatchbbyXx Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You get a follow because I saw your Frerard art on Facebook! And the MCRmy has to stick together in these rough times.
MissFreakyLuce Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Ah thank you so much, it's really sweet from you and I really appreciate it! And you're right of course c:
xXPatchbbyXx Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Besides, I haven't seen such amazing MCR/Frerard/Killjoy art in a long time! 
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